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The Trouble with Sarah

Put aside, for a moment, the hypocrisy of supporting abstinence-only sex education when you know from personal experience that it doesn’t work.

Forget about the questionable parental judgment that would welcome the spotlight of media attention aimed squarely at your seventeen year old daughter who came to you in her most awful, awkward and desperate time asking you for your love and support.

This isn’t about the beauty queen pertness, the beehive hairdo or unfortunate fashion decisions.

Sarah Palin’s supporters see in her what they see in themselves – a strong work ethic, a professed love of god and country, a deep distrust of too much educatin’, plus the occasional failure of a personal kind that results in an unplanned pregnancy, or a divorce, or a night out on the town with a little too much alcohol involved.  In Sarah Palin, they see their own white, middle class lives that are occasionally marked with a bit of trouble, but heck, family and friends and god and country will always smooth out the divots.  It ain’t that bad.  And, if it is, it’s your own damn fault.

It’s your own damn fault for getting raped by your father, your mother’s boyfriend or the next door neighbor.

It’s your own damn fault for not having the resources to get an education or learn a trade.

It’s your own damn fault for getting sick.

It’s your own damn fault for staying with a man who threatens to kill you every day of your life.

It’s your own damn fault for being born to a crack-addicted mother.

It’s your own damn fault that your employer sent your job overseas.

It’s your own damn fault that your company pension plan was ravaged by incompetent and greedy owners.

It’s your own damn fault for not being white.  and pretty.  and ambitious.

The trouble with Sarah Palin is that she so perfectly mirrors the absolute worst of the Republican Party, including the hubris that led her to say “yes” to McCain’s preposterous offer of the Vice Presidency.

Sarah, honey, when the Republican white guys kick you into the gravel, you gotta know, it was your own damn fault.


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It’s hard to keep one’s sense of humor and good nature intact when traveling these days. Yesterday, I returned from a birthday visit out in Washington state which included 2+ hours of driving, one ferry, one shuttle, an hour standing in line waiting to check luggage and get stripped and prodded by the TSA agents at Sea-Tac – only to board the airplane and sit on the runway for another hour with some bald, age-spotted head in my lap belonging to (no doubt) some Republican who couldn’t care less about the person behind him when he threw his seat into full recline.

What to do? Why pull out the NYT and snap it firmly above said head until it got the message: You’re invading my space here, fella, and I’m not going to make it comfy for you. It only took a few loud page turns and one laugh out loud to compel him to return his seat to the upright position. (Yes, I am the QUEEN of passive-aggressive behavior)

And here, for your consideration, is what prompted the outburst of giggles. In an article about abstinence-only education and the funding dangers these programs face, was a quote from one Eric Love, director of the East Texas Abstinence Program which runs Virginity Rules. Says Mr. Love:

“‘Sex was designed to bond two people together. Then, to make the point, Mr. Love grabbed a tape dispenser and snapped off two fresh pieces. He slapped them to his filing cabinet and the floor; they trapped dirt, lint, a small metal bolt. ‘Now, when it comes time for them to get married, the marriage pulls apart so easily,’ he said, trying to unite the grimy strips. ‘Why?’ Because they gave the stickiness away.’ “

That’s just beautiful.

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Odder Than Oz

ThreadingWater bows to feministing for finding this tidbit. The Abstinence Clearinghouse is hosting their tenth annual conference in Kansas City this month and you won't believe what they've chosen as their theme:

we have chosen The Wizard of OZ as a theme. The movie shows a classic struggle of a lost girl and her misfit friends finding their way, against great odds and in the face of risk to reach their full potential. Many of the scenes and themes in this classic movie can be allegories for today's youth.

And really, what could be more appropriate for whipping up abstinence-only educators than a movie based on a drug-induced fantasy?


Poppies anyone?

My favorite agenda item was "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (The State of Federal Abstinence Programs)" which comes with this descriptive text:

The abstinence community has made major headway through the years and at the helm of its accomplishments is the federal government.

Hmmm . . . Do you think someone should point out that the Wonderful Wizard was an incompetent fraud?

As long as we're rewriting the movie, my version has the Wicked Witch smoke-writing "Surrender Reason" across the sky.

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