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The Cruelty of Spring

It teases with a shift in light. Emerging buds. Tiny shoots and receding drifts of snow.

Yesterday morning, Greatest Husband and I watched as our returning Cooper’s hawks gathered branches for this year’s nest. We counted the tips of tulips pointing their noses skyward. (Would all 500+ that I planted last fall really make their appearance?)

Yesterday, my last amaryllis opened with exuberance on the first official day of spring.

Today, a blizzard.

One last morning of blowing snow to burn up all the firewood that remains on the front porch, while sipping coffee, finishing up a crocheted afghan project and blogging.

Making the best of spring’s holding pattern.


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Yesterday’s blizzard has blizzed-out, but I was busy playing with my new telephoto lens all day long.

My afternoon trek to the video store was further brightened by running into Zach and Elsa, even though they barely had a moment to chat seeing as how they were in the midst of an igloo construction project.

Today’s brilliant sunshine seemed to beckon my inside birds out for a breath of air.  They’re based on a patten from the recent Piecework Magazine.

Finally, for your weekend photo-blogging total experience, a reader quiz.  Can anyone guess what that object is next to the pear?  The pear is for scale, but if you find this photo in any way suggestive, therein lies a clue.

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Snow Day

Ten inches.  Maybe more.  Everything’s closed.  Blizzard warning in effect all day today.

It’s amazingly beautiful and I’m having the best day.  I got to read two newspapers, drink a pot of coffee, bake some bread.  Even catching up on laundry feels joyful and pure and righteous.

My plan for the afternoon is to hike (about three miles) to the video store for a movie or two, fill the bird feeders, sew another pair of mittens, build a fire in the fireplace and settle-in for one of those glorious long winter naps.

“Have a feminist day!”

Photos tomorrow.

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