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And, it’s not the first time.

Desire is a funny thing.  Need a car to get from one side of a Greek island to the other?  No problem.  Just hand over your US driver’s license and sign the Greek contract by that “x.”  Done it.

Want to tour Poland with a group of 75 Norwegian high-schoolers?  Take your seat on the bus and hand your passport over to that officious little Polish man in a big-ass uniform and try to figure out what’s happening in two languages you don’t understand.  Done it.

Shopping for fabric in Provence?  Remember your manners and just keep handing over Euros until the goods are in your hands.  Done it.

See a mightily desired and mostly unavailable Japanese knitting book on a Japanese website?  Well, I think it’s headed my way but I might have just signed over my tax refund to get it.

japaneseStimulating the US-Japanese economy?  Done it.


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Spring Reading

Sure, I’ve got a thing or three to say about the current state of the Democratic Party. However, if you want to read complete sentences strung together in a coherent manner, sans profanities, you’ll have to give me a little more time. I’m up to my petite bazoombas in fiber-related work at the moment.

Meanwhile, I have a short book review up on “Revolutionary Road” by Richard Yates, at this blog.

Check out the other writers and reviewers there, too. And, remember, you don’t have to be a blogger to join the Spring Reading Challenge. Request permission to join in the fun by writing to monkeymuck (at) gmail (dot) com. As a reward, you get a return email in your inbox from Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein.

How fun is that?

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In the time-honored tradition of Friday Cat Blogging, I bring you a sanitized, dander-less ThreadingWater version. My take includes actual cat content, plus a whole lotta bragging about certain folks who I happen to be related to through the hocus-pocus magic of state-sanctioned heterosexual marriage laws.

First up – the cat, or more correctly a whole bunch of cats as in:

My dear sister-in-law’s newest book

I’d love to review it, but Greatest Husband is currently hogging our advance copy on his nightstand. The book’s intended audience is 8-12 year old girls, but judging from the interest in our house, it seems to appeal to intelligent, sensitive older men as well.  (not older as in old – just, you know, older as in wise)

Second, I can’t help but brag about my niece, Stella, who was recently awarded a distinguished prize by her high school that allows her to meet one of five living great Americans that she has chosen. Here’s her list: Greg Mortenson, Roger Fouts, Temple Grandin, Amory Lovins and Julia Hill.

Only one? Can’t wait to find out who it will be.

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Regular threadingwater readers may assume from the lack of posting that it’s been a slow week.  Not so.

Weeks of holiday prep, house guests, baking, gift-making and twice-weekly physical therapy for my screaming elbow tendons, have come to a halt.  That means it’s time to get:

And the best part of the week may have been an accidental moment in one of those faux hair salons that are really fronts for selling salon brands of hair products, where I observed two 20-something, Latina employees listening intently to an in-store radio broadcast of Nancy Pelosi’s speech to Congress.  Yeah, I was ready to check-out with my selections, but joined them in listening to the end of Pelosi’s remarks instead.

“Thanks for having that broadcast on in the store,” says me.

“I just hope things start to change,” said one of the sweet young things.

Me, too.

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