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keep this man in the running for ’08

I know I’m biased being a home-grown Wisconsinite like our former Gov, but jesuchristi this guy’s exactly what the GOP needs; a Catholic good ‘ole boy with solid Midwestern values who’s managed to stay married to the same woman (even though she refused to live with him for most of the past twenty years) and a mouthy straight-shooter who couldn’t possibly be “managed” by any Cheney-Rove diabolical duo. Hell, this is the guy who in his farewell remarks as US Health & Human Services Secretary suggested to potential terrorists that the best way to attack our country would be through our food supply system.

What a hoot!

And, he’s awesomely hip as evidenced by his myspace page (make sure you check out the comments from his supporters – wow! Like who needs an education, right? Certainly not all those single moms who had to drop out of school because of his welfare “reform” program in order to get stuck in minimum wage jobs the rest of their lives.)

So he ticked off a bunch of Jews. Everybody knows those smarty pants don’t vote Republican anyway – except for Joe Lieberman.

I just wish he’d hire some gay staffers to help him dress a bit nattier. Oh, and maybe a “new wave” feminist blogger or two to explain how this infamous skirt-chaser really intends for his unwanted advances to be taken as a compliment.

C’mon folks. A $5 contribution from everyone keeps the laughs coming all the way to primary season.


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Chicago Fly-by

or, Friday photo-blogging, the lazy blogger’s answer to a frenzied week.

It started here

a rare seventy degree day in November along the shore of Lake Michigan

where everyone in the city seemed to be out enjoying the weather and celebrating the previous days’ election results

Tiffanys had this window display on Michigan Avenue – I’m hoping Santa finds it in his heart to deliver those needles to my stocking

a perfect treat of a day

Happy weekend, everyone

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November Warm Spell

Conservative blogger Michelle Malkin writes that, despite the crushing GOP losses in yesterday’s elections, “conservatism did not lose.”  I agree.  The losers were sirens and shriekers like Malkin, those whose only strategy for maintaining power was to whip up a frenzy over a stupid remark by John Kerry in the week leading up to the election.

Malkin writes:

John Kerry’s late-campaign troop smear galvanized bloggers and talk radio hosts, but it was not strong enough to overcome wider bipartisan voter doubts about Iraq.

“Not strong enough?” or not important enough to outweigh widespread Republican corruption, unstaunchable death and destruction in Iraq and Afghanistan, sordid behavior of elected and unelected leaders in the conservative movement, a thoroughly opaque White House and rampant hypocrisy on “value” issues?

The American people voted on the basis of the latter argument.  Malkin’s particular brand of conservatism did lose, and it’s about time.

I’m pulling the plug on email and the Internet for the next two days, but the sass continues next week.

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