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Nature Crap

The report from Threadingwater Acres in the heart of the city:


The camellia plant – after a long summer of pampering – has finally decided to give up a last hurrah before frost.  It must be aware that I am disinclined to give it  hothouse/daily spa, begging-on-my-knees-in-utter-futility winter accommodations.  This is it, baby cakes.  No need to store up energy for the winter, if you get my drift.


These clematis seed heads have been captivating me for awhile now.  I think this motif will be repeated in a winter fiber arts project, or two.

And the fall bird migration is in full swing.  Last week, we had a nuthatch hanging about.  He could be a winter regular, but here in the middle of the city that is not a certainty.  Today, we’ve had an indigo bunting and a ruby crested kinglet flitting around the cherry tree.  For certain, they are simply passing through.

The goldfinches have nearly completed their molting to their winter olive green – something that happens almost overnight – and are feeding heavily, like tiny seed vacuums.

Hope you’re having a lovely Sunday wherever you are.


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I’m a Histamine Ho

More of what’s blooming at TW HQ.

Spring in the midwest is not a season, it’s a bad magic show.  Lots of filmy scarves and promises – no actual magic.  Until, voila!  Every goddamn trick of nature comes pouring out of the hat at once and one doesn’t know where to look first.  I swear to you, if I hadn’t grabbed my camera this morning – already late for work – to snap these pics, I would have missed half the show by the time I got home from work this evening.

white bleeding heart (the bloodless variety, dedicated to Dick Cheney)

white bleeding heart (the bloodless variety, dedicated to Dick Cheney)

fritillaria - look!  it's checkered!

fritillaria - look! it's checkered!

poeticus - best flower name ever

poeticus - best flower name ever

I want to eat these

I want to eat these

and these

and these

fiddlehead fern - really can be eaten

fiddlehead fern - really can be eaten

Here’s a fiddlehead fern recipe to try, and if you can’t get enough of them in your tummy, you can also knit with them.

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My Brain on Pollen

As you’ll see





I’m too May-obsessed to blog.

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Slouching Toward Entropy

It’s almost oxymoronic, isn’t it?

But, here’s the thing.  We’ve been home from our 12 day ski trip to Colorado since 1:30 a.m. on January 1st and this is my first post of the year, four days later.

In case you’re inclined to cut me a break figuring I’ve been busy unpacking, opening mail, catching up on news, doing laundry and cleaning the house, allow me to ‘fess up and reveal that none of the above has been going on hereabouts.

The suitcases remain in a state of chaos, spreading their contents all over the bedroom floor.  Piles of mail and newspapers litter the dining room.  Dirty laundry hasn’t even managed to find its way into piles on the basement laundry room floor (reference suitcase chaos above.)  And, holy crap, an entire BOX of dirty laundry, books and magazines that we mailed to ourselves from Colorado in order to avoid excess baggage charges by the airline just arrived on our doorstep yesterday afternoon!

In my defense, I will say that I worked a full day at my office on Friday, (well, almost a full day) and skied for over an hour yesterday.  So, that’s something.  In fact, I’ve been skiing so much the past two weeks, I have a rash from my heart rate monitor that is quite inconvenient, if you can imagine.

Mostly, it seems, I have been sitting on my ass with this stack of catalogs planning next season’s garden.


Oooh, those gardening catalog people!  They know how to smack you at your most vulnerable moment, don’t they?

I’ve learned to walk the Jackson & Perkins catalog directly to the recycle bin without even opening their rose-scented pages of whorishly permiscuous blossoms.  I’ m all for fair play, after all, and that seriously crosses a line.  But, the rest of these babies?  I can’t say “no” to their charms.

So, let the unpacking and the dirt just sit there.  I have big decisions to make.  Is this the year I take a chance on schizophragma hydrangeoides?  And, what about lonicera sempervirens?  Then, there’s that problem area of the lily garden.  I can’t decide between a buddleia or a dwarf apple.  Of course, there are also the David Austin Roses – pages of them – to consider for that sunny spot at the top of the rock garden.  They’d be perfect planted amongst the lavender.

Maybe I need to go through the catalogs once more.

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yummy. sexy. bare naked garden porn.

That this blog is not a news blog should not be news to anyone. Hell, I’ve only been posting once a week or less, and I gotta tell y’all that you’re going to be seeing more of less very shortly. Greatest Husband has planned a gi-normous tour through Scandinavia for the two of us that begins in just a few short days.

It’s far from breaking news, but before I go, I’d like to write a few words concerning this, this and that. (I know, following links is such a pain. The three-word summary for each would go something like this: Viagra-McCain-birthcontrol, asswipe-Viagra-birthcontrol, and Bush-DHHS-asswipes)

I keep having this imaginary conversation in my head, in which I am a pharmacist being asked to dispense Viagra to a man at the counter.

ThreadingWater: “Sir, I’d like to ask you a question. Are you married?”

Man: “No. My wife died four years ago. Is this relevant information?”

TW: “Well, for me it is. I’m sorry. I can’t fill your prescription.”

Man: “Why not? Are you out of the drug?”

TW: “No. We have VIAGRA (loud enough so every one in the waiting area can hear) I just don’t believe in dispensing drugs so that unmarried men can have sex. I believe sex should take place after marriage and only for the purpose of creating babies. You, my friend, look a bit long in the tooth for procreational sex. In fact, my records here indicate that you’re 72 years old.”

Man: “But, that’s discriminatory. My doctor has prescribed this drug for a medical reason.”

TW: “I simply don’t believe any man has the right to a hard-on every time he wants one. That’s a life-style choice, not a medical reason. And, thanks to the Bush administration and the rule changes they made at the Department of Health & Human Services, my employer would lose all of their federal funding if they tried to fire me because of my personal beliefs. You’re out of luck, sir, or, should I say ‘you won’t be getting lucky tonight?'”

Man: “Can you at least direct me to a pharmacy that WILL fill my prescription?”

TW: “Nope. That would be another violation of my personal beliefs. Have a nice day.”

Don’t worry boys.  Your inalienable right to a hard-on is still secured by the patriarchy.  Just another little dream, like imagining an Equal Rights Amendment might someday be added to the U.S. Constitution so that, you know, we would all be treated equally.

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Peace & Pesto

 That’s all we want.

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Cleaning rotten tomatoes – the perfect metaphor for . . .

Is this woman mad?!?

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