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US School Districts Fear Obamabots

Channeling my inner Onion:

Royters News Service

Fearing an outbreak of “inspiring indoctrination,” school districts throughout the US are refusing to broadcast next week’s Presidential address to students.  Troy Higgens, Superintendent of the Combined Flatlands School District in Plano, Texas, explained that the district is acting in response to parental concerns.  “I’ve heard from parents that they don’t believe the President has the right to tell their children to do well in school.  They see this as an attempt to establish an authoritarian government.  Here in Texas, we believe that freedom is precious.”

Cassie Burnsides, the parent of a fifth grader at Open Door Christian School in Walnut, Iowa expressed similar concerns.  “I think we’ve all seen what happens when President Obama speaks words.  We’re talking about impressionable children here.  If my son does well in school, it’s because I tell him to do well in school.  Nobody asked me if it was alright for the President to speak to my child.”

Outrage over the planned address by the President reached a critical point during a school board meeting in rural Kansas on Thursday night.  Still stinging from criticism over a decision last spring to reject the Frito Lay Corporation’s offer to install a second snack dispenser outside the high school’s lunch room, board president Mike Tookey was sensitive to the issue of “indoctrination” raised by concerned parents.  “We need to protect our children from outside influences.  They are in school to learn, not as an audience for outside interests.”


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The Non-Believer’s Rapture

This is more than change.  It’s a friggin’ parallel universe.

Obama supports workers in Chicago and vows to bring POETRY into the White House.

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