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Karen’s extraordinary brain at work

Look who’s featuring a Karen Alfke design on her knitting blog today, in the very same Blue Moon “Socks That Rock” yarn spilling out of BlueGal’s new coffee mug pictured below.

Serendipitous?  or far-out-cosmic-we’re-all-connected-through-blue-yarny-vibes?

Who cares?  Those socks are fabulous!

(but can they play the accordion?)


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true patriots blog blue 

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A super secret yarn project is underway at ThreadingWater.  It seems a certain son is about to marry a certain lovely woman and that necessitates a certain serious handmade gift.

The bride-to-be has chosen this color palette in earthtones with an accent of pale blue. (Oops, sorry Seth – I know you thought you agreed to a pale green.  It's a lovely world you live in.  It's just not always the same one the rest of us experience.)

The earthy colors are Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece.  This is the first time I've used this yarn and it won't be the last.  It has a lovely drape and hand, and it's an amazing value since each skein is 100 grams.  The blue is Rowan All Seasons Cotton – a microfiber blend that is a wee bit heavier than the Brown Sheep, and much loftier.  It has something of a velvety touch and contrasts nicely with the smooth texture of the Cotton Fleece.

You can take a peek at the project, unless your names are Seth and/or Marley, in which case you must navigate away from this page immediately.

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Happy summer solstice from ThreadingWater, and a nod to Project Spectrum's blue June with today's photograph of my niece's beaded slippers on the shore of Lake Michigan.

There's also a quiet and poignant poem by Dick Allen waiting for you.  It made me cry – in a good way – as any magnificent poem should.

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Why I Do It

Enough of green.  June is blue – delphinium blue.

The current joke around threadingwater is that I look forward to Mondays in order to go back to the office and get some rest.

I woke this morning with numbness in my right hand and a barely mobile shoulder, the result of staining a new six foot high fence for four straight hours yesterday.  That, in addition to the usual gardening spasms that affect me this time of year, would be the reason you're not seeing much in these posts about knitting or crocheting.

Fellow gardeners, you understand.  For the rest of you, this is what makes the physical pain, the reminders that my body is aging (and not always with grace) seem ultimately inconsequential . . .

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All of the heavy lifting going on in our backyard caused me to fall behind on my Project Spectrum postcard project for May.  I finished my postcard Sunday night and mailed it off to Cherry in Wales first thing Monday morning.

Word has reached me that the postcard's journey across the Atlantic was swift and true, having arrived at Cherry's door this day.

For your fiber and craft inquisitiveness, I present it here:

I transferred a photograph from our spring vacation in Missouri to fabric, added a crochet edging and a pocket on the back to hold this poem.

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JuneIs there any sweeter month?  June marks the end of school days, the beginning of summer.  It's full of celebrations for graduates and brides and grooms.  June brings us the longest day of the year, fireflies, peonies and roses.

In the project spectrum calendar, June is blue – a color associated with calm and tranquility.  Blue of another sort is depicted in Jane Kenyon's poem, "Having it Out with Melancholy." 

High on Nardil and June light
I wake at four,
waiting greedily for the first
note of the wood thrush. Easeful air
presses through the screen
with the wild, complex song
of the bird, and I am overcome

by ordinary contentment.
What hurt me so terribly
all my life until this moment?
How I love the small, swiftly
beating heart of the bird
singing in the great maples;
its bright, unequivocal eye.

Do read the entire poem.


June is also National Accordion Awareness Month.

Why would I kid when it comes to accordions?  Look for a feature photo in every blog post this month.  I'll even feature my own sweet accordion, ala Harlot's traveling sock.

So, squeeze me, baby, dust-off the bumper sticker, I'm Pro-Accordion, and I VOTE, and let blue June begin. 

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