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Birthday Vibes

“Squeeze it, Dick. It’s my birthday.”

My birthday wish, or is it a decree?

Find some cake. Eat it.

Find an accordion. Play it.

Dance with someone you love.

Preferably – all at the same time.


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Summer’s End

I’m not typically one to wax nostalgic about the end of summer.  I welcome fall’s cooler, clearer days and the natural cycle of putting the gardens to bed for the winter.

Until I come across a picture like this, taken less than two weeks ago on the shore of a Canadian lake in Quebec Province.

Seems like a year . . .

Life changes fast.  One minute it’s summertime blues and the whisper of cattail rushes.  The next, you’re dozing at the bedside of a loved one, tuned to the blips and beeps of an I.V. machine and speaking a new tongue with intimate strangers in surgical blues.

Things are improving little by little, but you can’t blame me for yearning for the sweet summertime abandon I felt when I snapped this photo. 

So long, summer sass.

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A feature article in forbes.com yesterday screamed this headline, “Don’t Marry Career Women.”

Go read it for yourself and I guarantee you’ll be checking and re-checking the article’s date to make sure you’re not reading a reprint from 1952.

The bottom line according to the author and a number of rather suspicious and spurious “studies” is that men should avoid women with 1) brains 2) money and 3) a sex drive – all summed up beautifully with an accompanying photo of a “career” woman in full porn regalia of red teddy and harlot red lipstick.  Demeaning to women?  You bet.

But what about men? 

Is it any less demeaning to depict men as having egos too fragile to enter into a marriage of equals?  And still be happy?

Where’s the outrage, guys?  Do you really buy this retro, neo-conservative coddling of your delicate psyches?

If you do, it’s time to “butch-up.”  Just ask the nearest career woman how to take life like a man.  

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all the way home

ahem . . .  I’m back and “on notice,” after BlueGal and Grizzly Bears.  That’s appropriate since I tip my hand to both for their ferocity and cunning.  One can learn a lot from bears and BG.

Speaking of lessons learned, vacation taught me a few things these past weeks:

  • the DogGirl lives in Toledo and works at the airport Days Inn
  • there are more English-speaking people in France than in Quebec Province
  • my tolerance for time traveling in a car is at a lifetime low of 14.6 consecutive hours
  • being out of cell phone range for three days will pretty much guarantee that a major crisis will strike at home
  • the kindness of strangers should never be underestimated

Maine was lovely, although she is a few lobsters short after our visit, and I miss the salt air of our ocean bay campsite.  Still, it feels good to be home.

The crisis that turned the BigAssVan towards home a bit earlier than anticipated, will continue to be the focus of my attention for the immediate future.  Blog entries may suffer.  Hell, so will housekeeping, work, knitting and gardening.  If you’ve been waiting for a personal email or phone call, please be patient a bit longer.  Everyone in the realm of ThreadingWater is just fine and the aim is to keep it that way. 

I’ll be back to rounding-up squirrels in no time. 

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Coffee That Rocks

Youth For Change International founder Zach and his sister Elsa, serve up great coffee for even greater causes


It’s easy to feel down these days.  The Middle East is in flames.  Fossil fuel consumption is destroying the world’s ecosystem.  Fanatical religious zealots are thumping their holy books in the name of hate, intolerance and fear.  By virtue of ineptitude, disinterest, political corruption and blatant self-interest, the world’s most powerful leaders turn their backs on the suffering of the poor around the globe.

If you’re in need of a reason to feel good about the future, I urge you to stop by this remarkable site and leave a comment in the guest book.  Youth For Change International was started by my neighbor, Zach, a smart, energetic young man and a beacon of hope for our troubled times.

You will be amazed – at the scope of what he’s doing and by how much better you’re going to feel just by brushing shoulders with him in a cyber-connected way.

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Chalk it up to frugality.  Or stubborness.  Or downright delusion.  The fact is, we have no central air conditioning and we profess to like things that way.

In case, like the leader of the Free World, you never pick up a newspaper, the midwest is getting slammed with a heat wave the likes of, well, the one we had last summer.  And the summer before that.

Say what you will about cold and snow, but winter weather rarely prevents me from

  • cooking a meal
  • knitting
  • crocheting
  • allowing myself to be touched
  • getting exercise
  • breathing
  • wearing clothes
  • trapping squirrels

all activities I’m generally fond of.

There are ways to work around heat-imposed constraints, most of which involve huddling around window air conditioners in the smaller, darker rooms of our turn-of-the-century home. [I told you we have squirrels everywhere]

In the meantime, I’m blogging again after our trip to Boston and Cape Cod.  Sort of.  With work and writing deadlines looming, and another two week vacation about to begin, I can’t promise much.

Just this picture of the Kay Unger dress I found in Boston, to wear to my stepson’s wedding.


(you didn’t really think I was going to iron that skirt, did you?)

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Boston Blogging

Technical difficulties prevent me from vacation blogging with photos.  The explanation is tedious, so you won’t find it in this post.  However, if you buy me an iced, decaf latte I’ll give you the whole skinny on why you should never, ever purchase anything from Radio Shack.

If I had pictures to show you, they might have included the following:

  • Thursday night’s hot, Columbian waiter with a smile so radiant he’s probably single-handedly responsible for global warming
  • Newbury Street night life
  • Copley Square marketplace on Friday morning
  • the dupioni silk dress that I’ll wear to my stepson’s wedding in September, in a color called “Spice” that looks like a newly minted penny, even though it set me back more than a handful of same
  • the wild crowds in “bargain alley” at Filene’s basement on Saturday morning where I scored a brilliant crushable straw hat that makes me feel like Audrey Hepburn in ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s”
  • the baby blanket I’m knitting for my niece Eva, in a soft, weightless microfiber called “Velvet Touch” by Wendy

Until I have more non-pictures to describe, hold this image in your mind.

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