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Slouching Toward Entropy

It’s almost oxymoronic, isn’t it?

But, here’s the thing.  We’ve been home from our 12 day ski trip to Colorado since 1:30 a.m. on January 1st and this is my first post of the year, four days later.

In case you’re inclined to cut me a break figuring I’ve been busy unpacking, opening mail, catching up on news, doing laundry and cleaning the house, allow me to ‘fess up and reveal that none of the above has been going on hereabouts.

The suitcases remain in a state of chaos, spreading their contents all over the bedroom floor.  Piles of mail and newspapers litter the dining room.  Dirty laundry hasn’t even managed to find its way into piles on the basement laundry room floor (reference suitcase chaos above.)  And, holy crap, an entire BOX of dirty laundry, books and magazines that we mailed to ourselves from Colorado in order to avoid excess baggage charges by the airline just arrived on our doorstep yesterday afternoon!

In my defense, I will say that I worked a full day at my office on Friday, (well, almost a full day) and skied for over an hour yesterday.  So, that’s something.  In fact, I’ve been skiing so much the past two weeks, I have a rash from my heart rate monitor that is quite inconvenient, if you can imagine.

Mostly, it seems, I have been sitting on my ass with this stack of catalogs planning next season’s garden.


Oooh, those gardening catalog people!  They know how to smack you at your most vulnerable moment, don’t they?

I’ve learned to walk the Jackson & Perkins catalog directly to the recycle bin without even opening their rose-scented pages of whorishly permiscuous blossoms.  I’ m all for fair play, after all, and that seriously crosses a line.  But, the rest of these babies?  I can’t say “no” to their charms.

So, let the unpacking and the dirt just sit there.  I have big decisions to make.  Is this the year I take a chance on schizophragma hydrangeoides?  And, what about lonicera sempervirens?  Then, there’s that problem area of the lily garden.  I can’t decide between a buddleia or a dwarf apple.  Of course, there are also the David Austin Roses – pages of them – to consider for that sunny spot at the top of the rock garden.  They’d be perfect planted amongst the lavender.

Maybe I need to go through the catalogs once more.


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Rock My h’Art

concrete horse with beer bottle mane

Outsider art is all the rage these days. The human drive and desire to create art with whatever materials one has available, is the purest, most unadulterated form of expression imaginable. You know I’m gonna love Fred Smith and his manmade rockin’ concrete extravaganza at the Wisconsin Concrete Park.

This was our first vacation stop and, truly, our trip could have ended right here and I would have been thrilled.


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Rocking Your Week

orange Candelariella lichen

I’ve come across this lichen in the past, but never in such amazing profusion. The contrast of bright orange against white and pink rock, flanked by the aquamarine waters of L. Superior under the blue sky could be the defining image of the shoreline along this section of the lake.

I think the rocks here were a mix of calcite, granite and quartz.

Notice how everyone else is busy securing boats while I’m far away with my camera and rock collecting bag?

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Rock Week

a form of conglomerate rock in L. Superior

Confession: My knowledge of geology is embarrassingly limited, in spite of the fact that rocks drive me batshit crazy. Just ask Greatest Husband – he of the strong arms and willing back who has helped to feed my collector’s insanity by marching out of the wilderness with a suspiciously heavy backpack on more than one occasion.

Lake Superior’s shoreline yields – by far – the most mesmerizing and diverse rocky shoreline I have ever traversed. That stuff in the picture? It’s a type of conglomerate rock. Yeah, that’s right. It’s all one big hunk o’ rock. Like, imagine you could make chocolate chip cookies with different colors and shapes of chips and when they came out of the oven they were all fused together into one big tasty mass of beauty. That’s conglomerate rock.

Totally cool. Welcome to Rock Week.

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