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Please tell the Colonel what to do with his pink bucket of fat, cholesterol, sodium and carcinogens.

This campaign has to be a new low in corporate branding.  The more cancer-chicken-in-a-bucket you buy, the more gets donated to finding a cancer cure.  Regular readers know I’m not a fan of Komen,  and fundraising campaigns like this are the main reason.  Many women with breast cancer have received help and support from their local Komen chapters and would arm wrestle me to the floor in defense of this organization.  I respect that.  I know there are good programs under the Komen banner that have helped women deal with this disease.

At some point, however, Komen has to be held accountable for forming partnerships with corporations who tie their donations to the sale of food or other products that undermine healthy lifestyle choices, or out and out contribute to rising rates of cancer.

Please, please, please . . . Think Before You Pink!


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Breast cancer is mean. It’s ugly. It kills.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Stop mindlessly contributing to pink ribbon campaigns and take the time to find out where the money is going and how much of your spending is enhancing the sponsoring company’s bottom line. 

Breast Cancer Action makes it easy to find the answers to these questions.  Join the Think Before You Pink campaign.

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