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That this blog is not a news blog should not be news to anyone. Hell, I’ve only been posting once a week or less, and I gotta tell y’all that you’re going to be seeing more of less very shortly. Greatest Husband has planned a gi-normous tour through Scandinavia for the two of us that begins in just a few short days.

It’s far from breaking news, but before I go, I’d like to write a few words concerning this, this and that. (I know, following links is such a pain. The three-word summary for each would go something like this: Viagra-McCain-birthcontrol, asswipe-Viagra-birthcontrol, and Bush-DHHS-asswipes)

I keep having this imaginary conversation in my head, in which I am a pharmacist being asked to dispense Viagra to a man at the counter.

ThreadingWater: “Sir, I’d like to ask you a question. Are you married?”

Man: “No. My wife died four years ago. Is this relevant information?”

TW: “Well, for me it is. I’m sorry. I can’t fill your prescription.”

Man: “Why not? Are you out of the drug?”

TW: “No. We have VIAGRA (loud enough so every one in the waiting area can hear) I just don’t believe in dispensing drugs so that unmarried men can have sex. I believe sex should take place after marriage and only for the purpose of creating babies. You, my friend, look a bit long in the tooth for procreational sex. In fact, my records here indicate that you’re 72 years old.”

Man: “But, that’s discriminatory. My doctor has prescribed this drug for a medical reason.”

TW: “I simply don’t believe any man has the right to a hard-on every time he wants one. That’s a life-style choice, not a medical reason. And, thanks to the Bush administration and the rule changes they made at the Department of Health & Human Services, my employer would lose all of their federal funding if they tried to fire me because of my personal beliefs. You’re out of luck, sir, or, should I say ‘you won’t be getting lucky tonight?'”

Man: “Can you at least direct me to a pharmacy that WILL fill my prescription?”

TW: “Nope. That would be another violation of my personal beliefs. Have a nice day.”

Don’t worry boys.  Your inalienable right to a hard-on is still secured by the patriarchy.  Just another little dream, like imagining an Equal Rights Amendment might someday be added to the U.S. Constitution so that, you know, we would all be treated equally.


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