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photo shamelessly lifted from Juniper Moon Farm because the Internet needs more lamb photos

Rain is washing away the snow and, even though all experienced midwesterners know we are far from seeing the last of snow and cold, we play right into Mother Nature’s cruel streak by doing crazy spring things like:

  • ordering a sky blue cotton shift and sandals over the Internet
  • get a pedicure
  • walk out the door in leggings and skimmer flats with NO SOCKS
  • start seriously paging through the seed catalogs
  • hunt around the foundation of the house for signs of green tulip and crocus shoots

Naturally, our hearts will be broken.  The actual day a couple of weeks ago when I ventured out in the leggings and sockless skimmers?  Had to slog through 5 inches of snow to get to the back door when I got home that night.

And, just like our inner nature screams out for spring even when faced with the unrelenting presence of winter, I have been noticing bigger and bigger disconnects on the political scene, too.  Who am I to criticize, (she of the new Keen sandals), the suburban T-bagging dwellers who complain about the potholes they have to dodge on their way in and out of my city where they earn their living and pay no local taxes? Or, the cagey, flirty Palins of the world who redefine hypocrisy as it’s milder-sounding cousin “irony” when they admit to illegally taking advantage of Canada’s healthcare system while bashing any and all attempts to establish the palest form of Canadian health coverage in the U.S.?

And, are those who rage against the Census and threaten to not return their Census forms living in a universe so bizarrely different from mine as I waltz around the house in bare, pedicured feet in March?

In a word, yes.

They are batshit crazy paranoids.

I’m just a cockeyed optimist.

Here’s to spring and getting your LambCam on.


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