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Best Mother’s Day gift ever:  watching your only child become a father.  Second best gift?  The cordless drill set.  Thanks, son.

And, perhaps best of all is the everyday gift of your beautiful wife.  Finally, a daughter.  It was worth the wait.


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Mother’s Day 2008

One year ago, the Mother’s Day Project was launched from this site. Since then, another twenty-four women soldiers have died in Iraq.

Please take a moment today to recall their names, and to remember the many thousands of soldiers and civilians who have died in Iraq as a result of our invasion of the country in 2003.

Remember them, and all those who have been left behind – the widows and widowers, the orphaned children, the bereft parents, siblings and other loved ones – and hold them in your heart as you continue to work for peace.

That’s what mothers everywhere want on this day and every day.  We don’t need breakfast in bed, flowers or greeting cards.  We want peace.  We want our children to be safe, well-nourished and happy.  We want our families intact.  Our world intact.


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