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I was all jazzed up to recycle my annual anti-pink ribbon, shop for the cure lollapalooza because, darlings, it’s that time of year again and we can all use this timely reminder to Think Before You Pink ~ when I stumbled over this fine article by Kate Harding on Hollywood rape apologists.

Like I needed one more reason to hate Pedro Almodovar.


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The Scream

All of modern society’s social ills are the result of fatherless homes, and women are to blame!?!

I wonder if Ms. Schlafly has the nerve to say that in front of an audience of single mothers and their children?

I started out thinking that this sentiment is truly “out there” and that the audience for this sort of mucked-up thinking is limited, but then I came across a couple of largely sympathetic articles regarding the recent detainment of Roman Polanski.

I flipped.

He drugged, raped and sodomized a thirteen year old GIRL.  It’s not material whether the victim wants, or doesn’t want this case publicized again.  Polanski plead guilty to the charges 30 years ago.  As a society, we need to find the stomach to fight child abuse, rape and violence perpetrated against women.  That means following through on the Polanski case.  It’s simple, really, and attempts to paint Polanski as the wronged, artistic genius who had no choice but to flee the country fall into the same camp as Ms. Schlafly’s convoluted, blame the victim line of thinking.

Polanski, like all the absent fathers Ms. Schlafly gives a pass to, need to “man-up” to their actions.  So what do you figure the chances are that the patriarchy will enforce  responsibility upon its own members?

We all know the answer.  Ms. Schlafly continues to get paid speaking engagements, and Mr. Polanski has fawning documentaries made about him and happily accepts Oscar awards.

You’ve come a long way, baby, but you’re still on your knees.

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