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photo shamelessly lifted from Juniper Moon Farm because the Internet needs more lamb photos

Rain is washing away the snow and, even though all experienced midwesterners know we are far from seeing the last of snow and cold, we play right into Mother Nature’s cruel streak by doing crazy spring things like:

  • ordering a sky blue cotton shift and sandals over the Internet
  • get a pedicure
  • walk out the door in leggings and skimmer flats with NO SOCKS
  • start seriously paging through the seed catalogs
  • hunt around the foundation of the house for signs of green tulip and crocus shoots

Naturally, our hearts will be broken.  The actual day a couple of weeks ago when I ventured out in the leggings and sockless skimmers?  Had to slog through 5 inches of snow to get to the back door when I got home that night.

And, just like our inner nature screams out for spring even when faced with the unrelenting presence of winter, I have been noticing bigger and bigger disconnects on the political scene, too.  Who am I to criticize, (she of the new Keen sandals), the suburban T-bagging dwellers who complain about the potholes they have to dodge on their way in and out of my city where they earn their living and pay no local taxes? Or, the cagey, flirty Palins of the world who redefine hypocrisy as it’s milder-sounding cousin “irony” when they admit to illegally taking advantage of Canada’s healthcare system while bashing any and all attempts to establish the palest form of Canadian health coverage in the U.S.?

And, are those who rage against the Census and threaten to not return their Census forms living in a universe so bizarrely different from mine as I waltz around the house in bare, pedicured feet in March?

In a word, yes.

They are batshit crazy paranoids.

I’m just a cockeyed optimist.

Here’s to spring and getting your LambCam on.


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Why I Am an Atheist #2568

This man is still breathing.

Oh, and this one, too.

I worship morels

I worship morels

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Empty (Bipartisan) Suits

Did you ever doubt that W’s portrayal in “Doonesbury” was literal and not just a comic device?  Thanks to the NY Times, we now know for certain that the Oval Office was occupied by an empty suit who required all who entered his domain to be similarly attired.  (Who knew Condi’s hideously boring suits were required by her boss?)

This little revelation about the Bush White House doesn’t really surprise.  But, in conjunction with yesterday’s bloc voting by the GOP against the Economic Stimulus Plan, don’t you wonder how it is that the Dems could NEVER bring themselves to do something similar with any bill forced down their collective throats by someone as hollow as George W. Bush?

Just sayin’ . . .

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Fool Me Once

Fool me twice.  Fool me daily.  Foolocracy delivers the worst, best fools for derision by those of us who stoke our superiority and well-honed arrogance at the expense of others.  (what?  that’s not you?  well, you don’t have to publicly admit it, but, geez, what are you doing here?)

In the time-honored tradition of fools, Foolocracy brings forth for ridicule the follies, foibles and shortcomings of political figures – with hats!  Can you imagine the gift  Sarah Palin and Gov. Blagojevich have been to this blog?

You know, we’re not Red fools.  We’re not Blue fools.  We’re the United Fools of America.  Equal derision for all.

h/t and congratulations to BlueGal on her 2,000th post.

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The Non-Believer’s Rapture

This is more than change.  It’s a friggin’ parallel universe.

Obama supports workers in Chicago and vows to bring POETRY into the White House.

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Damn the Love

Apparently, President-Elect Obama meant all those things he said during the campaign about us coming together to solve our problems, no ‘red state/blue state’ mentality, etc.

But, damn.  I’m not at all ready for the lovefest and I’d like to kick ass just a little.  Guess I’ll have to ramp up Squirrel Jihad instead.

A cub reporter sent me a funny knitting link which led me here.

Blonde squirrel pelt.  Can you dig?

PS:  akabini completed her marathon on Sunday and deserves some real love.  Go visit and say “hello.”  Meanwhile, we are preparing for our own marathon next month.  We will be two of 250,000 people with tickets to the inaugural swearing in ceremony.  The official information helpfully advises that there is no dress code for the ceremony and flatly states that one must be able to physically endure hours of standing, walking and exposure to the elements.  I find this oddly thrilling.

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Methow River

I’m just back from a three hour ski tour, exhausted and happy and a bit sentimental. Physical exhaustion tends to exacerbate that part of my personality, but really, I’m going to miss this beautiful valley and the past week of slowing down our lives.

No television. No cell phones. Even email correspondence has been limited by slow Internet connections.

Our meals are served family style in the lodge, giving us the opportunity to meet new people every night. Most have been from the Seattle area, and their ages and backgrounds have been as varied as one might imagine. Teachers, lawyers, retirees, technical professionals, a Russian Orthodox priest and his family, a young woman raised in East Germany, an older man raised in Nazi Germany and Nazi-occupied Austria, former and present U.S. military personnel . . . it’s a very long list.

Our informal political poll report: Admitted Republicans – 0 (with the exception of one very vocal young woman whose entire argument in favor of Bush was to declare that the passage of time and the perspective of history would show whether or not he was/is a good President. I don’t think she is necessarily a conservative, just lazy-minded. The conversation was cut short when Greatest Husband declared her ideas “absurd” during cocktail hour in front of her boyfriend/husband who then felt obligated to defuse the situation while another friend led her away to a different appetizer table.)

Preferred Democratic candidate? The majority of our lodge guests seem to favor Obama, and no one we’ve talked to all week has a favorable opinion of Hillary Clinton. Edwards and Kucinich? Barely a mention.

I’m sure our results are skewed by a left-leaning, cross-country skiing Seattle crowd. We are not, after all, in a Montana mountain lodge surrounded by snowmobilers and ATV’ers. Still, the lack of support for Clinton has had a cheering effect.

Tomorrow, we leave for home, thus the sentimental feelings and regretful goodbyes to the Methow Valley of Washington until we find our way back here again.

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